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    Gas Tank Fuel Pump

    Hey Guys, over the winter I want to fix the gas tank issue, and I was hoping I could get some idea's from you guys, We all know the fuel pick-up issue we have with the extra gas we can never retrive, Another rider I know, seems to think I should be able to pull the unit out and and add a extended line down to the bottom??? I know theres after market kits out there but they only extend about 2 inches, which thats about 1 maybe 2 gallons tops, I went out 2 days ago put 3/4 of a tank in $35.00 rode 1 and 3/4 hour most being WOT, and the beeper was singing! With 1 Gas bar left, Somehow I have to get to the rest of that gas!!! We basically DON'T HAVE A 20 GALLON TANK, it's a 15!! And long ski rides are becoming a LOT SHORTER RANGE!! lol John
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    Speedjuice, this issue has not been discussed for a couple of months but was hashed over pretty good earlier in the season. I may be able to save you some time and trouble by summarizing prior posts.

    Yes, the buzzer goes off at 1 or 2 bars left yet when you go to refill you only need to add 14 or 15 galls. This does not mean, however, that you cannot burn most of the remaining fuel by driving past the buzzer.

    Several riders reported being able to continue riding well past the buzzer and being able to burn 20 galls+ with no modifications. My impression is that Kawi just opted for a very conservative gas guage.

    I myself found this annoying at first because I was so uncomfortable riding past the buzzer. I quickly adapted, however, and learned to just press the reset which turns off the buzzer and continue on my merry way.

    My understanding from what I've read is that the stock fuel pick up may leave only 1.5 to 2 galls in the tank, probably not more. Its difficult to know for sure because very few have actually rode the ski until the tank is bone dry.

    The only product sold that is designed to reach that last 1.5 to 2 galls is the R&D fuel extender. If you really need to ensure you can burn every last drop (like the LB/Cat offshore racers), this product may be worth it to you. Otherwise it may not since we have yet to see "real world" test data proving the exact amount of increased range. PWC Illust's latest issue discusses prepping an Ultra for LB/Cat race. The mods included adding the extender but the article states "while some disbelievers deliberated over the efficacy of the pickup extension, none could prove we would damage our craft or hinder fuel flow." This seemed like faint praise to me but was consistent with our prior discussions on this forum.

    Earlier in the season, members discussed alternatives to the extender, including a "clunk." My impression was that people lost interest, however, once they understood how to read the gas guage and learned that the buzzer does not mean imminent stoppage. Reaching an addtl 1 or 2 galls just may not be worth the time and trouble of engineering a special mod that might fail.

    You may want to read Skip's article cited above and search for and review prior posts if you want more details. Good luck!

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    Thanks BC, And Blue for the help Prolly if I really have to do it, it would be the R&D deep fuel pick up, you can't beat the price thats for sure, It the labor that's the fun part! Not! lol

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