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    gp1200 dome and o-ring

    I have a 98gp1200 and when riding it started to bog down, I found that there is gas coming up from the middle spark plug so I pulled the plug and there was absolutley no gap it was actually touching, and these spark plugs are brand new and they were gapped. i was told that it could be that there is water getting past the o-ring and causing hydraulic pressure to push the gap closed. also when i bought the bike they said the middle cylinder had more psi than the others and I needed to change the dome and we never changed it. what do you think? also if it is the dome how do I know what size dome to get?

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    Welcome Asia,

    First thing to do is get the head off and see what is inside. If you can post some pics to us we can point you in the right direction.

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    I've never really worked on this ski or any other but have done a shit load of work to bikes and cars. I'm not in front of the ski right now but what do I have to remove to get the head off?

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    The only time i saw plugs do that the piston was toast.
    You are going to need a piston and a dome most likely.
    Did you do a compression test and determine the piston is good ?
    Pull the head and post pics,do a comp test first if you have a gauge.
    Dome size is on the outer edge of the dome usually.

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