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    confused on Carbs

    I have a question....I have a 2000 xl-700 that I think previous owner changed to one carb, in trying to get it set back up to run two,have bought two carbs for it,i'm needing an in take and gaskets is all now.Anyhow,had a guy tell me that I could run two carbs if it was a "two carb" motor,now i've worked on cars for 30 years now,and don't make a difference about motors,long as you have the right intake,please someone tell me that there is or is not a difference in these motors,and if for some reason there is...please enlighten me as to what it is.Thanks,Tony

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    you can look at diagrams at but it looks like your correct it was a 2 carb model why would someone swap it to 1?

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    of course its all speculation but,sometime in the skis past it was a rental ski,can see where it had a number on the hood of it,and also the hull has been fiberglassed from running up on the sand or gravel or whatever.I figure the rental place didn't want it to run as well,saving there ski they put the single carb on it,merely speculation though.I know it sux riding it like it is,knowing what it should do.I know it's not a monster ski but should beat what it's doing now.and I don't want to rebuild the carb on it now just to be disappointed a little more,why not make her back where she at least needs to be.Ooh,it had set for two years also that is one reason it runs the way it does,plus the dual set.....

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    I have a 99 xl 700 and it runs 44 mph not bad for a three seater it has 2 carbs one with the internal fuel pump both are mikuni sbn 38 mm
    I hope they didn't swap motors on yours ? seems more plausible than swapping carbs! my 99 was a rental also I found sticker residue it was #13 lol

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    mine probably runs about 24 miles per hour. and ditto the sticker residue...i'm good old Number 4 over here...I think they did swap intakes,the one on it is kinda black maybe powder coat and the engine is of course that bluish green color.Maybe previous owner had a buddy with a single carb ski and wanted to upgrade before he sold it....who the heck knows.all I know is that I have two brand new carbs that need to be on it,need an intake and don't really know about reed valves yet,same,different...?????

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    all my Yami's are black motors?

    call zigler he might have an intake? ?
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    Zigler?who would that be and how to contact?

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    I gave the link an the post click it then click contact info or browse around
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    I looked on the parts finder and it shows 2 carbs. I believe that is the raider 62T cases, same as used on current superjets. Stock carbs and intake should be farly cheap on ebay, here, or on www.h-h20. they are our sister site, very stand up biased, but if you ask nice, they may have what you need without too much couch bashing

    good luck, and welcome to the hulk

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