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Thread: pump pressure?

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    pump pressure?

    a newbie with a tech question.
    I have a 2002 virage 800 I ( its injected ) the other day cruising after 15 minutes the engine died like it was running low on fuel ....
    took it home the next day It did the same thing 15 minUtes then died
    the fuel lines have a fuel tap. I assume to check pressure? well the pressure was none so I pulled the pump unit and I would like to bench test the pump with a gauge attached to verify the pressure
    I'm assuming like a car the injected fuel pressure should be much greater then 5-7 lbs ? I have not tested it yet.
    anyhow I have the pump out (also great time to clean the tank )
    and the number on the pump is 0102A 253 made by CARTER
    I have done a through search and cant find any specs as for pressure or the pump listed anywhere.
    so a little while ago i pulled the pump and ran it in a bucket of water for 30 minutes and it held pressure at 38 lbs. for 30 minutes any ideas

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    I'd install the pump and verify fuel pressure on the craft, the system pressure should be somewhere between 20-30 pounds.
    Have you checked to make sure you have spark after the 15 minutes?
    Does the engine crank or just not turn over?
    Have you verified fuel pressure loss when it dies?

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    Springer454, Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Here are some of the DI specs. They can be found (along with alot of other usefull information) in the '02 manual in the Tech Section.

    Hope this helps. Let us know what you find.
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    Thank guys
    yes the spark remains after 15 min. Although when I press the schrader valve in to check pressure nobodys home (fuel dribbles out)
    could i hard wire the pump off a toggle switch and leave the pump hooked to the emm and install a one way diode so as not to BACK feed the emm ?
    I 'm sure if i just disconnect the fuel pump electric from the emm it might have adverse effects?
    just a few after thoughts
    Thanks for the DI specs also
    best DON

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    pump pressure

    WELL I TOOK THE FUEL PUMP OUT OF CIRCUIT AND HARD WIRED IT OFF THE SOLENOID...... WITH A FUSED LINK AND A TOGGLE SWITCH. That I mounted in the glove box alls good now seems the red with white tracer hot wire from the circuit breaker gives 12v power to the pump all the times. Then the emm completes the ground (the brown wire) so it was not closing the circuit to allow the pump to RUN !
    iT RUNS NOW 25lbs pressure constant
    just have to make up a new sign TURN ON THE GAS DUMMY /TURN OFF THE GAS DUMMY

    Wow i could put a relay on the solinoid to turn it on and off with the start/stop button ?correct thats how the ski shuts off after all ......hope the next go around on the emm is as easy

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