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    what should i do now?

    I have a 2003 gtx with a bad sc. I pulled the sc and need to get it fixed, what would be the most cost effective thing to do. Should i send it to jerry or take it to the dealership and have them do it. Should I just have it shimmed?

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    Did you lose your slip? If so I would shim it back to spec unless you want to buy a rebuild kit. Ive done several older sc with shims and they worked great after. Just make sure bearing are ok in the sc.

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    What do you mean lose slip?

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    A supercharger clutch wears. When it wears the tolerances decrease and the clutch beings to slip. In your case it has worn and is slipping so you have a reduction in performance. Since its an 03 i highly recommend rebuilding the supercharger with the update kit and then adding the metal washers.

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