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    Talking weekend test results

    well i finally got some nice ride time in on sunday at Brighton which is a very large open bay on my 06 GPR and find it now handles so much nicer in the chop, its still not nice with my girl on the back but hey she spends most of her time on the beach

    I also had some good runs with a few yamaha's including 2 stock GPR's, one an 06 and the other an 07 needless to say the middle eastern guys that owned them were very unhappy with the results

    they asked me what motor mods I had done and the only honest answer i could give them was none as it only has stepped sponsons and an intake grate on it so far. oops i forgot to tell them that grate part but i did tell them about how to step their sponsons it is not like i had a 100 meters on them but i kept edging ahead and ended up with 20-30 meter leads on them as it kept hooked up to the water way better them they did.

    thanks for all your help so far guys, i also fixed my snapped spark plug and the flooding from the other weekend does not appear to have affected anything as the ski was running fine.

    next will be a jplate which is on my 1200 but i am going to put it on my 1300 instead as it will be better off there.
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