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    Help trouble with new 2007 150 speedster 155hp

    I took the day old boat out and had a blast for the 1st hour. The ski storage was dry when we first went out but after a hr we idled to get a drink and when we took off again not more than 5 min this alarm came on and was solid and it said exhaust error code p1544 or some number like that so we looked at the book and it said it was overheating or something the temp was 91 degrees (F). So we sat it and then we said maybe something got stuck so we did a reverse a little and then the alarm came on after going forward and we cut the engine. Looking in the engine compartment the water level was up to 1/3 the height of the battery. After this the engine would not start and had to get towed to the dock.

    Any ideas what could have caused this nightmare on a brand new seadoo?

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    Drain plugs installed? Also, the forward bolt holding on the intake grate is a through hull bolt. If it has come out or wasn't installed properly then you could fill up with water.

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    Yes the drain plugs were installed and screwed in. We even jumped into the water and checked I wasn't able to budge it to the right so it was tight! I called the dealer to see if he would exchange it and he said did you plug the boat? lol yes and he said he wouldn't exchange it but look at it and the warranty would cover any damage. I took it to a dealer nearby my place as the other dealer is like 3 hrs further. Hopefully it will be ok.

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    I hope you pinched off the hose running from the jet pump to the engine while towing.

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    Regarding pinching.

    We were being towed by a 25hp jon boat. We had 4 people in the sea doo and 2 in the jon boat. We were going 2-3 mph

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    I had the exact same problem with my 2011 Seadoo speedster 255 HP
    But even the Exhaust error the engine runs and i cant see any problem on the Motor side. But suddenly the Motor starts to smoke like hell and a lot of water comes in the Boat.
    The boat filled up faster than the bilge pump could handle it.

    I guess the Motor is damaged. And this after just 64 our on it.

    The Motor Temperature shows just 86.
    Anyway i still have no idea how water comes in the boat after the Motor begins to smoke.

    I was lucky a sailboat found me and towed me back. Very slow.

    Does anyone has an Idea why this can be happen and specially the water comes in the boat?

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