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    HELP me Remove scratches in my black boat and skis!!

    Hey guys I have two skis both are black 06's. They have minor scratches that could possibly be buffed out. My main problem is that while cleaning my black boat it looks like I had some sort of grit in the sponge that made a ton of scratches on a 3 foot section. They are not deep scratches(i cant feel them with my finger nail). Actually when I rub them with my nail they start to go away but not completely. So what would you guys recommend to fix this problem? It is making me sick looking at all these scratches. Some of the guys at the dock said O yea it can be buffed out. But what should I use? Thanks for any help

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    I use Meguiar's mirror glaze #3 you should be able to get them out by hand with it if not use a buffer

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