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    Need opinion on fixing sl750

    I bought a 95 sl750 this summer and put about 14 hours on it. Ran great, I thought, but didn't idle very well, got it up to almost 50mph. I brought it in to my dealer to winterize, and they called and said I have a bad cyl. The front cyl is at 50lbs and the rest over 120. They tore it down and said it has a cracked piston from water getting in the cyl. They also said it had a bent rod. They want about $1600 to fix. That's what I paid for it, I don't understand how it can run so well and be shot. Another place I called said they could fix it for $800-850. I don't know what do you people think, fix it or part it out?

    This is my first ski, and I don't know much about them at all. I do like the ski, and I am sure I would buy another one, I just don't know about spending that much money to fix this one.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Have you thought about fixing it yourself?

    Do you know how the water got into the engine?

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    Quick list from mine

    Crank Rebuild $375
    Piston $75
    Cylinder bore and hone $45 per cylinder
    heads (if needed) $45-100 each

    Still cheaper than a new one and a whole lot of fun rebuilding


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    I don't know how the water got in, the dealer said if the engine didn't lock up on me, I bought it that way.

    I don't think I could fix it myself, I was told the crank needs to be pressed apart.

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    The crank takes a person that does them all the time.What you would do is buy a complete rebuilt one,and use you cases. Or buy a good used one.With the guys on this forum,you can do it with their help.

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    I wouldn't hesitate to do a complete rebuild
    peice by peice, it's an easy job - just take your time and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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    I'd also like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.
    You have the Winter to build your engine and/or look for a good used unit.
    Ask the dealer how far out of index the crank is and be sure to check your seat seal (excellent place for water to enter the intake tract).
    If the 50 MPH is enough for you and the crank index isn't too far out, replace the piston, bearing and wrist pin.
    It may not be the right thing to do but it'll probably work just fine. If you want it right, then rebuild that bad boy and get back on the water.

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    Thanks for the welcome, I asked about replacing the piston only and was told the rod was "dimpled" and would probably grenade eventually anyway. I am going to pick it up in pieces this weekend and decide if I should try to do it or take it to this other guy for $800. He works out of his garage after the Polaris dealer closed their doors. He has the crank equipment and OE parts available.

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    WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.

    Like ph20craft said you got all winter. But IMHO I would pick it up and as it is already in pieces take plenty of pictures from different angles and post them here.

    I just recently lost my center piston and had to replce the head, cylinder, and piston. My first time even taking anything apart on a ski but was able to do it with help here. Got my part from a great member here for $125 and had it fixed and running in no time. Mine is a 94 SL 750.

    First thing to do IMO is get the opinions of some of the users here. They have been great and more then helpfull.

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    I had a chance to stop at the dealer today and asked to see the damage. It is the rear cyl not the front like I thought. The piston is cracked from the wristpin hole to the other right across the top. You can see carbon on the inside of the piston. Also the piston has some metal wearing off the edge on one side. The mechanic showing me this said that could be from the timing being off or bent crank. He also showed me the rod. The hole in the top for wristpin does have some pits in it.

    It looks like a real mess, I wonder how the other two pistons look. They said the other two holes had good compression, but I don't know what it is.

    I am going to pick it up this weekend.

    He also thought the cyl wouldn't clean up with just a hone, probably have to be bored. Can you bore just one cyl?

    They changed their quote to fix to $2200. I paid $1600 with a floe aluminum trailer. Still thinking about parting it out.

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