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    2002 800 Di Block Off

    Hello all
    I reciently picked up a 2002 800 DI and i'm curious as if I can put a blockoff plate on this (iInjected model ) seems all the skis I previously have done were, not injected this perticular model has four lines going to the engine looks like two to the intake and two to the mains ?
    is it better to leave this one alone or can the pump be removed ? for premix ......All help Greatly appreciated
    thx DON

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    I remember another HUGE reason not to pre-mix an injected engine.
    The lubrication through the injector will make its way to the top of the pistons and down. There is no supply to the lower half of the engine as it is with the carbureted versions.
    My guess is the engine will not survive very long with pre-mixing oil to run through the injectors.....and to lose that extra oil at the cases from the oil pump as well?? That added lubrication at the crank seems vital to me.
    I'd scratch the whole idea if it were mine.....unless you go carbureted of course.

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    yes sir rea bob we forgot that idea already

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