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Thread: 98 Ron Pump Gas

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    98 Ron Pump Gas

    Do you guys have this,in australia we have SHELL V POWER and CALTEX VERTEX 98 both 98octane

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    dont think they do for some strange reason but there was a thread about warning not to run this in GPR's that have standard compression, it fouls the plugs up apparently or something.

    I have run it in my 1200 and 1300 before and it runs rather well but when i read what was said about it in standard ski's i stopped.

    most states in the US get 92 or 94 max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billy gpr View Post
    Do you guys have this,in australia we have SHELL V POWER and CALTEX VERTEX 98 both 98octane
    you will get no gain from running this high octane in a stock boat but nore will iy hurt the ski or foul the plugs as when mine was stock i ran super unleaded 98/99 ron in it for over 50 hours without a days problem,
    i ran it cos it was free

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    US to Europe or Aus RON raiting are not the same as it is measured differently.

    Bit like the US gallon is smaller than the UK one.

    ie in the US 87 ron is our 92 stuff.

    US 94 RON is our 98 stuff

    We just pay four times the price for it.

    "In most countries (including all of Europe and Australia) the 'headline' octane that would be shown on the pump is the RON: but in the United States and some other countries the headline number is the average of the RON and the MON, sometimes called the "roaD Octane Number" or DON, or (R+M)/2. Because of the 10 point difference noted above this means that the octane in the United States will be about 5 points lower than the same fuel elsewhere: 87 octane fuel, the "normal" gasoline in the US and Canada, would be 92 in Europe."

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