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    Stator Installation?

    HI! I'm new to the forum-have a 1998 yam wave venture 701. Recently was having a problem with top end. The ski would run great for like 5 hours then just start bogging down. We took it to RIVA for diagnostics and they said it was the stator. We had already removed the oil injection pump and installed a single carb conv kit. Riva didn't add any oil to the gas they put in the ski to water test it and we didn't know that of course. Anyhow, we put the new stator on & took it to the canal for a test ran BEAUTIFULLY.....until the engine locked up. I know if the stator isn't intsalled just right, the timing will be off and the engine will either not run or run poorly. Anyway, got a new engine on the way and i want to make sure the stator is put on correctly FOR SURE!! Riva didn't own up to their mistake and I had to buy the engine. Just don't want to have to buy one twice! If any one has any info//service manual that will tell me how those marks on the stator need to be lined up it would be soooo helpful!! I downloaded a couple of the service manuals that are posted on this site, but none of them seem to give in-depth directions on the stator. Thanks for anyone's expertise in advance!!!

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    I have never done one in a 760 but I have in the 1200 (65U) The stator had alignment keys so it would only install one way no chance of messing it up. as far as the timing the 65U has seperate pick ups for the ignition these too were pinned in place no chance for error there either. I would not be to concerned over the install. Have you pulled it from your existing motor yet? Sounds to me like you already know what the failure mode was on the engine.

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    I pulled the one off that Riva told me to replace and put the new one on BEFORE the engine locked up. But I did line up the marks on the stator and the block when I put the new one on. Any other ideas as to what may have caused the engine to have a high speed prob only after hours of running?? Thanks!

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    Im getting a stator put in my xl800 soon.What are the symptoms if its put in incorrectly?

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