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    '06 sportster trbl w/ 12v power adapter

    Anybody have problems with their 12V power adapter? I tried it with the boat running and while off and it doesn't seem to work. If nothing else, I'll have the dealer check it during the next service, but that won't be until next Spring.

    I just wanted to run a ballast pump I've got. I bought these 2 280lb balast bags and just wanted to try one out for wakeboarding to see if it makes a difference.

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    On my 05, the 12V power stopped working....the wire supplying the power went bad.

    I replaced it (the wire) last summer and have had no issues since. Wheather the motor is on or off, as long as the power switch is on the 12v adapter should work.

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    My fuse was bad from the factory on my 05 SCIC when I had the same issue.. Even inspected it myself prior to, break in the circuit was not visible. It works fine now for lower power usages, but blows a fuse every time I plug in the air pump for my towable.. Bummed on that, but scared to just up the amp of the fuse for fear of toasting some wiring.. Bet if you replace the fuse you will have the low load function at least.


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    You can not up the amp directly from the electronic module, the raised current could damage the is what i personnally did to cure this problem once and for all....

    1-Ensure the fuse is good and in working condition
    (12V power=on when the DESS cap is in place on the switch)

    2-IF yes....keep this power wire and jump to the POINT #4

    3-If still not functionning...just grab the one power wire anywhere close to you 12V plug that is switched with the DESS cap plug (ex: Radio) and JUMP to POINT #4

    4-Take a bigger wire diameter and a good lenght...fuse it indepently (on-line fuse holder) and run it directly from the (+) wires coming out from the BIG safety main cut-off rotary switch, and run it to your 12V plug.

    5-Then using an automotive contact relay, use the supplied feed old wire used to feed power to the plug (step2) OR you other wire coming to power the radio (step3) 12V signal to activate the automotive contact relay which will activate the relay and use the power directly from your new bigger wire directly from the main cut-off rotary power switch.

    In other words....for applications where you have to draw quite an amount of power, you should wire it independently from any elctronic module...otherwise, you'll draw too much power directly from the module, you'll fry the module output, and maybe will have a bad module to replace or a stalled boat...!!!

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