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    Will someone take this (free) yard-ski?

    Mods honestly I couldn't decide whether or not to put this in classifieds. If it needs to go, move it on over. Thanks!

    Located in Corpus Christi, TX
    I have a '94 Polaris Lawn Decoration (SL650) that's driving me crazy. I can go through the process of parting a few things out but just don't feel like it's worth it. When I first got ahold of it as a parts ski, the starter clicked but motor is pretty much stuck. Not a chance of getting this hull back on the water as a running ski since there's not even a VIN plate. Like I said, parts. Was going to take the carbs off and clean them up, but the dang mounting nuts underneath rounded off. ($%#%%!!!!) With all that depressing stuff out of the way, it's free to whoever wants it. Here's the craigslist ad-

    On the other hand if nobody wants it, what do you do with something like this? Can't exactly drag it to the curb with the other stuff. It has the seat that's faded with a few tears, but took it off during pics.

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    poor boat! can I have the fuel water seperator??

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    I'm too far away to attend the funeral,But the PSI Project could use a donor HEAT (TEMPATURE sp)SWITCH. Cut wires are OK,I'll pay Shipping,Thanks Dan

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