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    Question It's 2:00 AM here, wierd thought ahead.

    Hey all.

    I know manufacturers are leaning to forced induction 4-strokes as the next craze, and with decent logic... no oil mix, better economy(???), less water pollution, etc. all with more power to be had. That being said, has anyone thought of taking say, an Ultra 130DI and adding forced induction??? The platform is there... fuel injection being the main player, so that you could simply tweak the fuel/spark map in the ECU(???), add lower compression pistons... Is it a thought, or do I need to go to bed? Plus, would such a 2-stroke be able to handle the added power, possibly as much as OEM added again?

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    You can't use forced induction on a 2-stroke..

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    man I hope he went to bed? that post was 3 months old

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    Quote Originally Posted by rizzo View Post
    You can't use forced induction on a 2-stroke..
    That couldn't be more wrong. There are many two stroke engines that can't run without forced induction. There are aspects of the 2-stroke jet ski engines we have that make it difficult, but it can be done. There was even a roots supercharger kit made for the Kawi 650 at some point.

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