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    Question Gelcoat or paint?

    Hey y'all.

    I looked at the bottom of my STX-R the other day, and while it rides fine and doesn't take on water, the previous owner(s?) have run it aground on several occasions. Now, I'll beach it on a sandy bar, or lately in knee-deep mud with the lake being as low as it is, but this thing has seen a few rocks and gravel beds, to put it mildly.

    I'd like to whip up some resin, fill in the gouges, and sand the bottom back down nice and smooth, and maybe get about .00935 mph on topend as well. Cosmetically, I could leave it like that and nobody would ever know unless they got underneath it on the trailer(at which point they just might get their @$$ whooped). But should I ever decide to sell this ski, it'll be a bad mark on it to any potential buyer. Which leads me to the topic... once all is filled in, would auto body paint/clearcoat suffice, or should I use gelcoat???

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    I repair dings in my black gellcoated SXR bottom by putting a little black spaypaint from an aerosol into some fibreglass resin. Then i use brown parcel tape to hold it to the hull. That way you can shape the resin to the chines / curves in your hull. Peel the tape off when the resins set and the surface of the new resin is quite smooth. I just do this and dont bother sanding. I guess you could put white paint in it to or any other colour to match your hull.

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