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    Fuel flow problem on a 96 xp

    on my 96 xp i was riding one day at the beach and i cut the engine off and it wouldn't start back up well i got it off the beach got it home turned it over and noticed that there wasen't any gas in the fuel filter so i took all the lines out blew then out with a air hose put it all back together turned it over and gas started flowing through it again but not as much as it did when it was running

    Help me out here i don't think the fuel pump needs rebuilding cause the gas still flows. Maybe somthing in the pump itself or a leak somewhere?
    idk i need some help before i start aking it all apart

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    check your fuel selector switch. if you have the old tempo lines in the ski, they may be deteriorating and clogging up the switch. if this is the case, then your internal carb filters may be clogged. if you let it go too long this way you will seize your engine.

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