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    2004 or 5 RXP Trim problems

    I have a friend that is having trouble with trim on his 2004 or 5 RXP. The display is not even working. He does not feel a difference when he pushes the button. Does anyone have suggestion? I hate to see him take it into the shop again.

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    I had a similar problem...'symptoms' were:

    dead, or very low battery, followed by, no trim action or display

    additionally the info cluster will have a readout for a 'depth gauge' if it is scrolled through and found, of which the RXP does not have!

    If these are your 'symptoms'...get a new battery first...then you HAVE to be hooked up to BUDS at an official BRP dealership and have them simply turn the phantom depth gauge off and turn your trim on...nothing was broke on mine, the bad battery and low voltage caused the onboard computer to have an 'indentity crisis' (thinks it is an RXT with depth gauge but no trim!) and was simple to fix...

    This same thing has happened to several 05 owners I know of for sure...!

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