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    wet jets

    this is a double post it is in the general disscussion area as well but i thought that because it had a yammi motor this would be a little better. thanks for the info.

    i was looking into buying 2 more jet skis and i ran across somthing that was a mastercraft jet ski with a yamaha 701 motor? called a wet jet the ones i were looking at were a 95 model. dose anyone have knowledge of these or know where i can learn about them or if they are a good investment? thanks

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    Thumbs up wetjet

    I actually just bought 2...a 95 DUOZX and a 95 Kraze. Both of these are in great shape and we love them. I have 2 young kids so they don't need all the bells and whistles of the new ones yet. I couldn't beat the price to get on the water quickly. The Kraze has a bit more horsepower and sponsons for better handling but overall the same as the DUO. There is a parts distributer that sells manuals and parts for these. His name is Dennis at Good Luck!

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    i am confused are we both talking about the wet jet made by mastercraft? or are you talking about another brand. sorry

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    Yes, we are talking about Mastercraft Wetjets with yamaha engines. You can go here and see them.

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    so would anyone else recomend these or are they not worth the time?

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    Wetjet sport2 spirit

    This watercraft has a brute motor in it. Not sure on the age but seems pretty old. The problem we are having is the watercraft idles fine but when you get up on plain sometimes it just shuts down. If you catch it quick enough when it shuts down you can let go of the throttle and it will stay running,and if it actually shuts down it will fire right back up. we went through the carbs,checked the gas tank to make sure it wasnt vapor lockinig. The only thing we havent done is take out the gas tank. It will only run on reserve. Any help would be great. Thanks Guys

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