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    Top Speed

    Today at 4:30pm In New Orleans Louisiana 92 degrees 15mph north wind I
    hit 71 mph on my ultra 250. I have been consistantly running 66.6 with the riva exhaust, riva valve cover block off kit, bypass valve filters, 2 degree wedge and have my waste gate blocked off. I got a riva ride plate three days ago and put it on. Today I went to test it and ran 4.4 mph faster. It consistantly ran this over four passes. Does this sound strange or, are other people having the same results?
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    I went over 70 I think in better conditions I will go close to 71. I took the wedge out today with my plate.

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    I gained 3.9 on gps and going to put a 1 degree wedge in!......67.9 with plate mod.only.

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    Finally we are crawling from the water and atop a good set of numbers.
    This winter will show what the mods truly do and dont do.

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    Me too i could say that with the riva ride plate i gained 3.1 mph this is awsome!!!!!

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    Rideplate and wedge combo gave me 3mph to 68.7 Best bang for the buck out there and no issues with warranty.

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