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    Today, Lake Wallenpaupack... nice.

    The tourists are gone. Lake Wallenpaupack was really nice and calm.

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    i hear its nice but theres a speed limit

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    There is only a speed limit on weekends and holidays between Memorial Day and Labor day (45mph in daylight). Otherwise it is all ya got. However, on summer weekends the waves are 2-4 feet anyway so you won't be going too fast for too long.

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    Property at Lake Wallenpaupack

    Hey if any one is interested my family has property at Lake Wallenpaupack. Its for sale at a very reasonable price. The property was rezoned so you can't build on it, but with ownership you have lake and beach access. Camping on it I believe is permitted. The asking price for the property is just one years taxes and association fees.

    I grew up going to Lake Wallenpaupack every summer. I loved it and miss it. I would use the land and access myself, however it just not practical as I now live in Rochester NY.

    PM me if you are interested.


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