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    I found the ULTIMATE Sport class ski

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    i wuldnt touch that with a 10 foot f'in ugly

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    haha i love these things, a thread pops up about them every now and again

    a 350 csb in it

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    What a waste of'd be the bozo on the water. Really should have done something different topside because it actually looks as though they seriously constructed this to some degree.

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    wtf...thats a piece of s**t

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    Ahhh... come on guys.

    Simple math suggests that this "watercraft wonder" only costs $2,375 per cylinder, where as a new RXP-X comes in at $4,333 per cylinder... this beauty is a bargin

    I'm a biddin' on it

    Heck, I even have some left over Hookers and a Holley from my circle track days... should be runnin' as fast as the other '70s squirt boats... about 58

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