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    oil filter question

    i'm currently using kawi 16097-0003 model..i bought the last 2 from my dealer the other day..he said kawi is phasing them out and going to the 16097-0004 number.. anyone else heard of this? the 0004 still ok to use..just looks alittle longer to me..

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    When I went to pull my filter off for the first oil change, I noticed that the one that the dealer had just given me was actually a little smaller "16097-0003" and the one that was on the ski from earlier "factory" was the "16097-0004". "Exact same filter" was what the dealer told me, just a little shorter. I figured I could trust him so I put the shorter filter on and have been running it hard with no notable problems. Even checked the condition of the filter just to make sure about a week ago and everything look fine, although I am not a filter engineer. Maybe one of the pro's will give you a guarenteed response, but I (steve the electrical engineer) will tell you with confidence that my ski has had no issues since I put the smaller filter on and know that there is no damage to the smaller sized filter or area surrounding...........Visually.


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    Use the 0003 Partnumber, and search for more threads about the oil filter part # issue. You will see that the 0003 is for the ultra 250x and the 0004 is a universal filter for the stx15 and 12. The 0004 can be used but i wouldnt recommend it. Ive read that the 0003 filter has a special bypass valve. Not sure... but thats what I read. Also I spoke with the kawi public relations person and they said to use the 0003. Just in case something happends to your PWC, dont let a oil filter void your warranty because of a wrong part number.

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    thanks guys..i'll be sure to let my dealer know next time i buy my filter..

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    03 is different

    the #3 filter has an O ring so that it doesn't fail due to higher
    pressures of forced induction motors. Don't know about 04 #.

    It's been covered here, just search for all accumulated wisdom!

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