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Thread: 99 1100 zxi

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    99 1100 zxi

    I have an 1100 zxi just put an new SBT engine in about a year and change ago (over warranty) only about 5 or so hours on the motor. and now have no compression in one cyl.

    Is it worth fixing or what? I need to go over in one cyl and the crank is bad. What is this thing worth the way it is?

    My guess a fix is going to me $1200 or so,

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    I would estimate that your ski would be worth around $2500 - $3000 in good running condition.

    Do you have any idea what caused the problem? If the SBT motor only lasted 5 hours, then I would guess that the proublem has never been corrected.

    Can you post pictures of the bad cylinder and piston?

    I would say that if you do the work yourself, you could do it for around a grand. $600 for the crank, $100 for the piston and rings, $150 for gaskets.

    Hope this helps.


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