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    HAving troubles with 4tec

    We ended up Buying a 2005 Seadoo Wake NA, on the first ride within the hour we get a Check Engine and the seadoo goes into Limp mode.So we take it into our dealer to have it fixed.

    got it back from the dealer and they replaced the following:
    T.O.P.S Solenoid Valve replaced
    Replaced O.S.P.S Sensor
    Replaced T.O.P.S Switch

    WEll i just took it out and the check engine light comes on again after .6 of an hour of riding. I pushed the set button 5 times and the same P1202 code comes up. I unplug the DESS and with 10mins it goes onto limp mode again.
    Any ideas guys? the bill for this last work was 915$. I phoned the dealer and its going back there tomorow. I asked them if they needed to check all the wiring and they said they already did that.
    I really hope this seadoo isnt a lemon.
    Help me i am frustrated!! we love the seadoo but......

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    this is all I can find about your code

    Oil tank pressure switch implausible or blow-by valve still closed

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    wonder if they forgot to plug back in the TOPS valve up top near the valve cover, i would check that....

    happened to me once, (own fault)

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    It needs the oil pressure switch on the front of the oil fillter. Part # 420256885 I have them in stk if you need one 25.00. Let me know if I can help. JOJO

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    dang $915....thats alot mods you coulda had

    sry but i had to say it..thats depressing

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    Yes it is depressing.
    They told me they did the oil pressure switch?JOJO unless you mean something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moto17 View Post
    Yes it is depressing.
    They told me they did the oil pressure switch?JOJO unless you mean something else?
    there's two of them... when you get the error code, it's typically routine to just replace BOTH of them. most people only replace the easy to get to one... of course 9 times out of 10 it's the sensor on the block by the oil filter that's a little harder to get to

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    thanks for your help guys.

    I phoned my dealer today and mentioned about the 2 sensors. They tell me that they replace one and they both test fine.
    I am wondering if after riding it, the sensor fails after heating up?
    They are going to phone BRP regarding this watercraft because they cant find anything wrong. They did mention that maybe the computer needs to be replaced.

    Has anyone had the computer go on there watercraft?
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    Latest update:

    BRP tech reps told my dealer to try the computer.
    Too bad all electrical sales are final.

    They ordered it and i will let you know what happens.

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    check your invoice to see if they charged you for a lake test, if so then they should have discovered that you still had a problem and should not have given you the ski untill it was repaired. some shops will charge you for the lake test and not even leave their lot which is a bunch of bs tell them if they want to replace the computer they can as long as it is the problem but you should not have to keep buying parts while they dick around trying to fix it

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