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    Sea Doo 3D

    Does any one know the top speed of the sea doo 3d? And whats the best position to ride it in?

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    Depends on how much wieght you have rding it. I have seen mine run at 53 with a smaller rider down to 49 with a heavier guy on it.
    As for postions, its all up to the individual. The cart mode is super comfortable and easy to ride, but you WILL get a wet ride. The moto allows you to throw the ski around and lean hard, good for playing around. That seat does get a little hard after a much like a normal dirt bike seat. Standing can be great with or without the pole attachment. It takes a little more experience to ride in rougher water but also fun. It will wear your butt ot after a long rough water ride that way though. Like I said it all depends on how you want to ride. That is what makes this one fun. Its definitely not the fastest thing out there but you have so many ways to ride when you decide you need a change. I would imagine the knee version is good for playing around as well but I do not have that part. The attachments do get a little expensive.
    Mine is basically used for my kid or other people that go along with me to the lake. I do however ride it a good bit as well.

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    BTW.... the above was in regards to an 05 Premium not the 06 DI which will supposedly get up in the upper 50's

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