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    plans for my 00/01 gp1200r any opinions

    i bought spongeracings blue hull looks cool. but has 2 sets of thru hull fittings for the triple pipes. i also noticed right under the rub rail theres 2 hoses 1 on each side. im pretty sure its for engine water coolling. can i splice these 2 lines together and have them come out 1 set of triple pipe connections and glass over the under rubrail holes.. or will the 1 flow mess up the other? i was going to just use the other set of triple pipe connections for my bildge line and/or maybe the pisser on the back of the ski.

    also has anybody ever used the stock choke on the handlebars and connect it somehow to a primer plunger? spring and hook type setup

    other idea is im going to be using the oil block off kit and was thinking of running my main line to the bottom of the gas tank and using the "reserve" line in the oil tank as either a reserve tank or putting some race fuel in there for those "hard to beat races"

    last idea which would make the others more complicated that i was going to do with the 4 stroke gpr is to move/remove the oil fill cap/line and move/remove the fuel selector switch fiberglass over the plastic panel and repaint the side panels (if feasable)

    or possibly using the choke lever on the handlebar to switch from the main gas tank to the oil tank with race fuel in it for the "nobody know you just switched to race fuel" mod

    any input guys
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