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    arctic cat timing

    Does anyone kwow how to advance the timing on a 640 tigershark are these machines related to polaris some how . and yes i know the answer is buy a polaris i have of those to thanks Ed

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    stang, if you hang loose there are a few guys with the TS manuals at this site. The TS has a Suzuki engine and I would imagine you time it like most older two strokes.

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    I Think Maybe You Use A Very Large Brass Hammer Or Maybe Not!!

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    This goes against the grain! but pwctoday has a ts forum!
    TS Forum

    17 infraction points?

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    LOL Not at all z, it's probably a good idea I don't see the Suzuki guys steppin up.

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    Thank Zmann I sent it to the other guys

    now ill wait and see but ordered a manual today you know the seasons getting short in michigan

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    good luck! keep us posted

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    and the answer is offset flywheel key hope this fixes me up thanks all

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    PWCtoday finally paid off lol Thanks for the update! Z

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