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    I have to Vent, this day has sucked

    I had one of the shittiest day of my life today.

    Started off with a nail in the tire of my truck, Discount tire wanted to replace the tire because they could not fix, something about the screw being in the side wall tread. The screw was about 1" from the side, this is absolute bull. $200 later I have a spare tire that is the same size as the tires on my truck.

    The next round of bad luck happened when I went to Petsmart to buy some dogfood and the rebate card did not go through. I felt like an ass because I was wasting other peoples time who was standing in line after me. After calling up customer support trying to figure out why this rebate card won't work, they have the nerve to tell me "it only works at the AT&T store", WTF, just send me a check. Why does AT&T send out these crappy cards that don't work unless it's used at the AT&T store.

    My last round of bad luck happened when a couple of cops (elder cop and young cop) showed up at my house. I supposedly was involved in a hit and run at the local HEB today (September 22). After the cops looked over my truck and did not see a any dirt out place. My truck is so dirty, the chrome parts are the same color as the truck which is Tan, I think it's suppose to be Tan. I supposedly hit these people so hard they are claiming injuries, but the only thing I did to there SUV was put a scrap down the side, that must have been some hit . Another set of cops was sent to the "victims" house to check out there Ford Expidition. The only damage the cops saw on there SUV was a scrap down the passenger side just below the door handle. The two sets of cops were intouch with each other by radio, so I got to hear all of the bull these people were saying. There eye witness, who was also at the "victims" house, told the cops "I was flying down the aisle at very danagerous speeds", just to give a little information about the HEB Plus I go, the pedestrian traffic is equivalent to Wal-mart. The cop asked which way was the victim's vehicle (Ford Expidition) facing when I hit them, the incrediable eye witness said "I don't remember", cop asked "Was it away from 183 or towards 183". This is the best part, eye witness said "Away from 183", cop "Are you sure it was facing away from 183", eye witness "yes I am absolutely sure on that". The elder cop on my end made the remark over the radio "There is no way he (me) could have hit the passenger side unless he drove his truck through the store and out the front doors" . The cops even questioned the victim and the incrediable eyewitness about the license plate number. The license plate number these people gave to cops were my old license plates which have been sitting on shelf since the end of August. The elder cop told me he has seen this happen only twice since he was a cop, both times it involved someone that makes a good living (I guess I am doing good) and another that requires government help. It's just someones sick idea of getting rich quick, but it back fired. Just another reason why I favor Bush about "The Fence".
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    sorry you had a run of bad luck but if you think about its a good story to tell

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    you ran over my foot , ill settle out of court for 20 $ its good you got out of that one ok ,

    2 the plug they woulda installed in your tire would of made the metal belts inside your tire rust and eventually leak maybe even bubble and blow out

    3 you must feed your critters the really good stuff for a rebate on it ,

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    That rebate card, I got the same thing when I bought my new phone....Use it for gas, thats about it....I tried it at food locations, getting a hair cut, etc....all it is good for is gas.

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    When I used my AT&T rebate cards I had to tell the cashier how much was on the card and they had to process it for the exact amount, otherwise it would get denied

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