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Thread: Pistons/rebuild

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    Question Pistons/rebuild

    Hey Guys..

    Whats the situation with piston size's on a rebuild..??

    Say you need a rebore on one hole in a 65u cylinder set..??
    (a hone definately won't make it..!!)

    Can one piston be a size over the other two..??
    Would all three need to be balanced for weight..??

    Would they all need to be the same type/make of pistons..??

    Any input appreciated gentlemen...


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    I was just re schooled that if it is a rec ski then it is fine! but it makes parts sourcing goofy if your buying full top end kits! I went ahead and did them all to the same bore

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    I was told by a very reputable shop that if it is stock rec ski upping one .25mm is no big deal. If you are wanting to get the most performance wise out of it, I would do all three and balance the piston assemblies weight to within .1 gram.

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