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    Engine turning issue

    Well I just put in my warranty replaced 787 motor from SBT after I had a piston ring snag and I can not get the motor to turn over with the plugs in. The Battery is good (tried 3 different ones), and it will turn over without plugs but with plugs all I get is the starter clicking when it engages the flywheel. By the way the starter is new as well just to rule that out. It does seem to be turning over a little slow when the plugs are out as well though. It has the same symptoms that you see when a motor is hydrolocked, except that there is no gushing liquid coming out of the spark plug holes. Okay boys where do I start looking for the problem. This is on a 97 XP if it matters.


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    Well after thinking about all of the possibillities for my problem I decided to go ahead and throw in an old starter that I had just to see if the new starter was the problem and sure enough it was. So if anybody has these symptoms and has another starter they can try, give it a shot, it suprised me.

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