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    Exclamation JOHN FORCE INJURED in Ennis Tx

    I'm watching the nascar race in Dover on TV and just heard that John Force wrecked at the end of a run with Kenny Bernstein, and he wrecked....word is be broke both legs and was lifeflighted to a hospital.

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    If he wrecked at the end,on a good pass,he was 315+ mph...

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    - Any news?

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    I was at the races and it was a pretty bad crash. The car broke apart just about where his knees would have been. He was alert and talking to the Safety Safari. Ashley had just won the race before but she left and went to the hospital to be with her dad so she forfited the next round. I dont blame her in the least for going to the hospital after what happened earlier this year with Eric.

    It was a GREAT race between 2 of the biggest names in NHRA. Berstein crossed the center line at the finish line trap and knocked the pylon into John's lane. It is really hard to tell exactly what happened to Johns car. I dont know if the pylon had anything to do with the accident or not. The rear of Force's car desinegrated like he blew a tire, but if the pylon hit it hard enough I guess that could have been cause. When the rear of the body started to fall apart I can only assume that there was no down force on the rear of the car causing the car to dart whichever way it wanted to. It was VERY scarey until they announced that John was alert and talking to the crew. Get well soon John.

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    I hope this link works. They said that he broke his left wrist and ankle.

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    Fromt he video I saw, it looked like the tire shredded on the left side...pylon was on the right...

    either way, bad wreck...

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    yea i saw that too, there was nothing he could do

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