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    08 Sc Changes...

    On all sc engines even on the sport boats i have been told yesterday!!!!

    what can we expect now????

    -no need of upgrading any more with metal washers and ceramic bearings.
    -solucion on jerry,s investigacion? cuote:" Some of you have probably read the post i made on his thread with my findings about the front bearing seating area being machined slighly off center. Well, tonight i rip into another supercharger for a customer with a failed (stock) bearing and without even putting a caliper on it i can visibly see that the front seat is off center ".
    -no bearing failing because of better cooling??

    i wanted to upgrade a 08 with ceramic bearings and metal washers,
    not sure what to do now

    ciao Jim

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    will keep my stock bearings on i guess after the failing posts, at least keep waranty if stock ones fail.
    we will see how the new 08 washers will hold up, but still in for changing them because of rumors that they are metal but not really good ones.

    ciao jim

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