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    Exclamation '95 sl 650 cdi elec box replacement

    Have a '95 sl 650 with a swamped electrical box . Purchased one from a '92 only to find they are quite a bit different .Which years are interchangeable or can I swap it for one from a sl 750 ?
    Much thanks

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    What component went bad? Why do you need to swap the entire box??? 94 and up SL, 650, 750, 780 boxes will work far as I know, but you want the 650 CDI

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    95 650 elec box

    Not sure what went bad , the breaker was popped and the internals were a mess . I cleaned it up but just thought it may be less painfull to swap the entire box as I did not know how water resistant the internals may be. You figure the cdi is the only component that must be from the 650 ? Thankx for the help.

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    Hey bro if the e-box got swamped out, what else possibly filled with water? I'd do some testing and perhaps narrow down what is going on. What's the current condition of the ski, what happened when it died, and what have you tested so far?

    I've got a '95 650 CDI I'd be happy to send your way, but first do some testing to narrow down what might be going on so it's not a shot in the dark.

    And as far as I know you can't use a 750 CDI with your 650. The 750's ignition is digital.

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    Well I got this ski as a project which at the time only needed a couple of pistons but as it turns out I am into a little more than I had initially hoped. I think the water may have come from the elec box being upside down and the ski stored outside with the seat off but its just a guess . I have rebuilt the top end , carbs , fuel pump and was almost ready to pull the trigger when I found the box full of water - not impressed . Like I said the box is a mess, corroded terminals etc. and doesnt look like it would be worth messing with . How much for the 650 box you have ?

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    I only have a CDI. The e-box I took it out of has some corrosion on the board.

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