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    New speed MacsBoost

    whats up riders. just put my new macsboost ic in on fri......bad A$$....the hoses could be a little thicker...they do expand some when you give it fuel....but the ic is huge....12+lb ..fits in ski like glove.....used some foam....its made very well... nice welds.....with stock ic i would run 74.4 all day. best run of 74.9........installed the mac on 9/21/07 and on 9/23/07 i ran a 77.6 @ 8120rpm @ 9+lb boost. with a riva 3'' front air intake /4 bars of fuel/80* river/90* air/Elva 70'/fl....need to go 4'' front. how many more rpms will i gain if any?
    some of you go to kanaflex...which one do you git.....

    07 RXP riva stage 3 sc/macsboosst ic/rive thru hull/42lb injectors/riva 3'' air in/riva intake grate/solas15/20R with nose cone/riva racing block offs/umi steering/riva wedge/ ride holes filed/bucket trimmed/modified trim rod/seat of a ?/stock ecu/...77.6mph...gps
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    some of you go to kanaflex...which one do you git.....

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