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    Smile Towing/Skiing

    Hey guys.
    Do many people here ski behind RXPs?I have skiid behind an old gsx, think it was 800cc so i guess the rxp would be heaps better. Would it be possible to pull 2 single skiiers that kno what they are doing?

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    Make sure you check local laws!!!! As in Va. you MUST have a three seater just to tow one skier. One to drive, one seat for the spotter, and one seat for the skier. Ie you have three people attached to a ski you have to have the capacty for all three. Just trying to save you some aggervation with the game wardens.

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    As Rod mentioned local laws must allow it.

    Most states require a driver, spotter and skier.

    Unless its a private body of water or where the environmental police or game wardens don't patrol then it is possible.

    But for safety reasons I don't think I would.

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    Hey i should have mentioned it earlier in my post but im in Australia and so far i have not found any law stating it cannot be done. Also it is not uncommon seeing people doing it. I just wanted to know from a skiers point of view how it was. Thanx for your posts but ill double check the laws.

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    yeah probably different laws.

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    I pulled two guys barefooting behind the ole' RXP, so yes you can.........

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    Just got back from the dealer. Change of mind due to storage room and the ease of taking 3ppl out on a 3 seater which is needed to ski. So RXT arrives next week. Cant wait!

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    ive pulled a tube with three ppl and ive towed two wakeboarders behind me at once. so there is no difficulty in pulling anyone out of the water...and i had one person on the seat so thats a total of four ppl but it was mainly to try and get wake. but if its just you and a skier theres not a whole lot of wake....hope this helps

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