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    Suggestions on impeller for '01 XLT1200

    I'm gonna be changing the plastic insert over the winter, and thinking of getting another impeller while I'm in there. Any suggestions? (I'm looking for top end I can get a grate for chop)

    2001 1200XLT

    Stock rideplate
    stock impeller
    stock pump
    stock grate

    Hot Rods crank
    D-Plate & Chip
    ProTec F/A's
    110 pilots - 125 mains - accelleratore pump disabled

    I don't know how they rate impellers so if someone could give me a crash course I'd be appreciative.

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    this Nujet for sale wood be perfect

    you absolutely have to replace the stock intake grate - it is unsafe to ride that ski modified with the tock grate - the pump overstuffs and the ski makes a sharp violent unexpected left turn

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