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    Help!!! Engine Compartment flooded!!!

    I left my '95 slt 750 in the water for 2 weeks before I was able to pull it out. After looking into compartment found water up to carb level. I was able to pull it out of the water(by tow),I pulled the plugs and turned over the engine, I even added oil to each cylinder.
    What do I do now? How do I know if I got all the water out? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Did any water come out when you spun it?If not your Golden,If it did, then get it started and run it too dry it out.

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    Yeah, there was a spray of water and fuel coming out. Not alot, but enough to make me worried.
    Shuold I start it & let it run while on a hose? Will it be able to run long enough to burn off the water without causing any more damage?

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    What could be the cause of all the water inside the engine compartment?

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    Pull the barrells and check it out .Do it now as rust is occuring as you ask these questions .Lots of penetrene and a clean out .Pull your front cover off , take your starter off and clean it as well as the bendix .Blow off the stator so youll have to remove flywheel ,spray penetrene on all parts after you have washed and dried them .I would get the crank checked while you have it apart .It might cost some $ but will be worth it in the long run
    Then cross your fingers and put it back together .


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    Don't forget to split the electrical box and get the water out if it, if it was able to penetrate the box. If water is in the box be sure to lift the electrical board and get the water droplets out of there as well, compressed air would be a plus.

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