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Thread: My first ski

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    My first ski

    I need help i want to get my first waverunner but cant decide what one. I live in tampa and will be riding in the gulf and lakes. I really want the rxp-x but dont no if that is the best choice for a first ski. What ski would anyone recommend i get for the condtions i will be riding in.

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    probably a ford E 350


    Ultra 250 X

    I get the 2 confused sometimes. They are about the same size and use about the same amount of gas.

    It really depends on how you plan to ride. If you want to jump waves and have a playful, but larger, faster ski, get the RXP-X. If you want an even smaller ski get a older 2 stroke seadoo such as the XP. If you want something that will plow through stuff get the Ultra 250. If you want something a little more fuel friendly, still plows better than the RXP, and has a good amount of power, get the RXT.

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