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    New 06' RXP mods

    Hey every1, im new to the seadoo forums but not the Yamaha ones. Im actually tryin to help a friend out, he's pickin up an 06' RXP today and I know he wants to mod it. Whats the best thing for him to do, I noticed the pitch increase from Riva stage 1 to stage 2 kit so I would imagine telling him to wait on that? My GP1300 will be running around 72-73 this summer im sure he will want to be around there.

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    Welcome to the forum. If he wants to run 73+ he should go with the riva stage 2 kit.

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    welcome to the forum!

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    ya i think he will be fine with 72 for now, it just sucks how much more expensive the stage 2 kit is than the stage 1. Stock to S1 = 4+ mph gains for 700 bucks. S2 to S3 = 3mph for 3k THANKS FOR THE WELCOMES!!!

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    Have your friend come here and do a lot of reading and searches...I am and learning a lot, but have noticed that this platform has a lot more development still to come out.

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