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    Question to NY people about Showmobiles :-)

    Hi Folks

    I am very interested to buy a Polaris showmobile. But there is no dealer here in Austria where i am at home.

    So here is my question.
    Does any one know a good polaris dealer in NY area?
    Can someone tell me a price of Polaris Dragon 800 RMK 163 from a local HY dealer? Or total price to make it rady for shipping outside US? I think a good dealer know how to handle this VAT stuff.

    I am very interested to buy one slid in NY and to ship it to Europe.

    Shipping costs from NY to europe are the lowest.

    Thanks for help


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    Thats a sweet sled, but unfortunately, I think you're going to have a hard time getting your hands on one this season, especially in New York...out west, you'd have more dealers to choose from who order mountain models. You could give Jay a call at Atlantic...He's a good guy who frequents this board.

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    I will check with a few dealerships here in Rochester NY this week..

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    Old forge Power sports Ask for Doug - hes a good guy! I dunno about shipping and stuff but he can order you a sled.

    Have bought 2 sleds and 1 jetski from them. Great service and cheap labor rates but that really doesnt apply to you. ahaha good luck

    Yeah sorry hes a ski doo dealer honest mistake. I would go for the summit thats just me hehehe

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