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    1999 slx bendix/starter/flywheel trouble??

    Hey guys,

    I had the slx out to run some fuel stabilizer through it for just a couple minutes when I hit a wave and it cut out, I was probably going 15-20 mph when it stopped. Before the cut out it had been going great. When I tried restarting I could tell that something was jammed, it wanted to turn over but couldnt. I know the sound of a failed starter and this wasnt it, I thought for a second that I had seized the engine so I got towed back and took the heads off. Cylinders looked perfect but crank wasnt spinning by hand, but it was moving a bit and I could see the 3 cylinders going up and down a half inch each way. I decided the problem was in the flywheel cover area, and pushed the mag piston down a bit and turned the engine over with the heads still off (everything was grounded etc) pistons came back to life! was this the bendix jammed in the flywheel? I will need to replace whatever it is because there is no telling when this will happen again.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'd check for traces of wood etc. at the pump area maybe it locked from that end?
    Then maybe remove the front cover and check for some broken parts?
    Maybe it tossed a rod? Has it run since you broke it loose?

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    The pump is clear and I am pretty sure the rods are too, wouldnt the bad rod be clanking around in there? the pistons are going up and down as per usual.. I am going to buy a torque wrench and re assemble it tonight and try it out again.

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    Sure seems like you have had your share of bad luck.

    I am thinking that Shibby had some problems with the pump bearings on that ski. I would check that out first. Check out his post:

    The pump off of your SL900 might fit on this ski (for troubleshooting purposes), I am sure someone else will be able to confirm/correct this.

    You might also contact Shibby, maybe he would have some more info.

    Good luck!


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