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    Cool Top End Rebuild Help

    Have a 2000 XL700 with a 62T engine. Was told it had issues before buying. Did compression test (60 psi), so I pulled head and cylinders. Rear piston apparently siezed at some point (motor still turns over). Piston Pin is frozen, and bottom skirt on right side of piston is broken off (1/2 inch or so missing, probably from running with frozen piston pin). - Has some light surface rust on cylinder walls (probably hasn't been run for a year), but no gouges or other visible cylinder problems. Inside looks clean otherwsie, no other corrosion, debris, etc.

    Can I just do a top end rebuild (hone or bore depending upon roundness, new pistons, and new piston pins in connecting rods) or do I need a complete rebuild?

    Is there any way to assess whether there may be any crank and/or bearing damage without pulling and disassembling the crankcase? Big risk, little risk?

    Any recommendations regarding quality replacement piston manufacturers and/or suppliers? I'm just hoping to get a reliable machine with stock performance.

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    Welcome to forum. There is really no sure way to tell if the crank is hurt without disassembly. If some of the piston fell down in the crankcase, I would tear it down completely. You may not need a new crank, but there has to be some debris in the case in my opinion. I suggest you try and find out what caused the wrist pin to stick in the piston before you rebuild it and it happens again. I would start with a carb rebuild, and if your going to leave the oil injection on, make sure the oil lines are attached securely.

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    Took Advice

    I'm late in responding, but I took 97GPSLEEPER's advice and went for the complete rebuild, and was very glad I did. Once I had the case out and lower end disassembled, it was clear that the crank had issues (rust in bearings) and I even had a small hole in the case. A top end rebuild would have been worthless.

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