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    turbo up-grades?

    What are the options? Trying to gather some info and parts, so I can do some work over the winter. I know I am going with a large water to air intercooler. So I will have some added lag due to the size and the extra routing of the pipe, I was just wondering what kind of options I have for a turbo up-grade as I might swith it out as well.


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    I don't know of anyone but me that makes a Larger brand new turbo. I've worked with IHI when Honda first introduced the 2002 F12-turbo and tested wheels and housings they provided to me. What i found out was there really wasn't much bang for the buck. And IHI parts are hard to get in small orders meaning under 1000's

    So, I opted for a whole new custom made turbo. You will need a Nitro Stg1 Kit in order to provide all the extra fuel for the large increase in air flow.


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