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    Performance test on 14 synthetic and petroleum gear lubes

    This is a long, but good read.
    The purpose of this test is to inform consumers about the increasingly severe conditions under which differentials operate and to provide data reflecting the quality and cost differences of popular synthetic and petroleum gear lubes. Not all gear lubes are created equal.
    The tests were selected to measure the properties consistent with extreme-pressure gear lubricant requirements and are intended to reveal the lubricants’ overall performance. The performance characteristics evaluated include each gear lube’s ability to:
    1. Meet the required viscosity grade of an application
    2. Maintain viscosity when subjected to temperature changes
    3. Retain viscosity during use
    4. Function in cold temperatures
    5. Resist high temperatures and oxidation
    6. Protect under extreme pressures
    7. Protect against wear
    8. Resist foaming
    9. Prevent copper corrosion.
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    Thanks Kevin...PR...

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    A lot of information in that one PDF....

    Cliff Notes version... and possibly in English???

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