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    speed on a SLX hull?

    How much speed can a 01 SLX hull handle,before it gets "freaky"?

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    I had mine running Norht of 70 and others have gone faster...

    It's a fairly forgiving hull as far as going fast (it's just too damned flat to really get spooky...)...

    However there is a problem...

    Once you start getting up over 70 it stops wanting to turn...You turn the steering and the ski changes yaw but it's got so much momentum and no drag to bite and make it turn that you essentially continue sliding in the direction you were going prior to the turn...It gets a little un-nerving to say the least...

    And if you do really lean it in to make it tunr it has the potential to spin on you (which hurts mighty bad at 70+)...

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    i would say if it can handle a roge wave at those speeds clench on like a kawala bear ,

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