I was a little disappointed in my piston/ gasket kit I bought from WSM so I sent them this email and their response is at the end! was I rude?

HI! I have always recommended WSM product after years of use with Polaris
watercraft however I just purchased a WSM piston kit from my local shop for
my Yamaha watercraft 98 1200 non pv ( I own 3 Yamaha's and 4 Ski's) and I
was less than pleased to see the piston pin retaining rings were not
circlips (what a battle) as they were in my WSM Polaris Fuji application
and as they were from the Yamaha factory also the cylinder base gasket was
obviously cut for an 1100 cylinder and not the 1200 ( different) so I had
to trim the gasket to seat properly, last but not least the kit did not
contain intake or carburetor adapter gaskets ? so I am building my second 98
Yamaha xl 1200 I feel as I might try another manufacturer and see what the
outcome is unless there was an obvious issue? Thanks (my full name)(my full addres and phone #) greenhulk.net and
Pwctoday member ZMANN .Products purchased at Action Power Sports Az. 3400 N
Arizona Ave Ste 120.
Chandler, AZ 85225 www.actionpowersports.net

response 1 week later = nothing nada zippo just like when I found an obvious defect with a Hotproducts part it's like they could care less about the end users? so I give what I get .bad mojo! rant over