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    Engine Coolent ( LOW )

    I have a 05 RXP. And for some reason, my engine coolent seams to disapear after riding. Like I would pour the engine coolent to MAX, and after good day of riding, theres nothing left in the tank. I don't see any coolent leaks, like when I clean the inside of the jetski, I would be able to see a bright color. I don't think that its the cylinder gasket. Because then I think there would be white smoke out of the exhaust, the engine would'nt start correctly, and more. I would be able to see the leek. NEVER had an engine overheat, nor I ever removed the cylinder gasket! Anyone ever had this problem?

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    If you ride long enough I'll bet you would over heat. If you say you coolant is low meaning the reservoir is empty after riding? Just becaus that is almost empty doesn't mean that you would overheat right away. There is still quite a bit that you can't see there that is in the lines and also in the rideplate.

    If you let it go long enough though you'll be running on empty.

    Not seeing anything inside the engine comparment? Look underneath the engine if you can. When I took my engine out. I notice that fluid would collect in right underneath the engine. Sitting on the trailer, the area underneath the engine on the hull is a lower spot.

    If you cannot find anything there check the top of the ride plate. Look for snapped bolts. or any coolant leaking from a bolt that is not tight.

    You may not be able to see all 20 - 30 ( idon't know how many). but it's the area under the pump, the top surface of the ride plate. Hope this helps.


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    It's not really empty all the way, but theres very low engine coolent in the tank. I tryied looking under the engine, like sticking my hand in there and all that stuff, trying to put towels to soak it up and see something, but nothing, nothing shows up, i'm sure I would be able to see it, since its bright color. Also, I only go low on the coolent when I ride the jetski, when it sits in the backyard, then its full all the time! Hmm.... you said ride plate?
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    Look at this pic. Granted this is upside down. but when you look at the ride plate you can see all those screws on the "top" surface of the ride plate look for green showing through or leaking from one of these areas or even a broken screw....
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