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    My first time on a blaster

    Today i had a chance to ride my buddies newly aquired blaster in tampa bay. i myself have a 95 raider 1100 that ive put 50hrs on. let me just say i have a lot of respect for you blaster guys, i thought the raiders were unstable but they have nothing on blasters. we didnt get crazy with it since its new to us and we dont trust it quite yet. oh and im never launching from the beach again, well at least where we were.
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    i live in tampa what beach was it i dont have a pwc yet but i plan on getting one soon. and if you say you would never launch there again i want to stay away from there.

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    Those Blasters can be pretty tricky to get used to. A fun boat once you figure it out though. The HX is my favorite riding boat of all time.

    I figured N8R had found and marked every bad place to launch at by now.

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    It was off Gandy in the mangroves. we were only there to test the blaster since the carbs werent quite tuned. i really dont understand how or why people go there its pretty nasty.

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