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    06 GPR 120 hours service advice


    i have reached a fun filled 120hours on my 06 ski , i have a few mainly handling aftermarket parts arriving this month and would like to service and install all in one shot.

    what should i be looking at doing or checking at 120 hours

    compression is great at 128 , 132, 132
    no knocks or rattles
    new cat D plate is being installed
    FF pipe from R+d replaces my PVC one - done
    new impeller 13/19 - done
    pump sealed - done
    plan on reinforcing the pump
    replacement nozzle for metal - done
    1200 grate - done

    should i look to replace piston rings , head gasket , check bearings etc etc

    local Yamaha does not install confidence on quality work so plan to check all myself

    any advice would be welcomed

    many thanks
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    I would...

    -Pull the head and replace the head gasket.
    -Pull the reeds and inspect them too.
    -Re-torque as many bolts as you can reach.
    -Replace the hose in the rear of the ski where the drive shaft goes thru the hull into the intermediate shaft.
    -Lube the drive shaft splines and check the pump liner.
    -Reseal the liner to the extension housing.
    -Check the grease in the pump (pull the rear cone and look for water in the grease)
    -Check all electrical cables for corrosion
    -Check the oil injection hoses for tight fit.
    -Check and replace the drive coupler biscuit if worn
    -Check all water hoses for fatigue or corroded clamps.
    -Check all cables for binding or wear.

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    120 hours service advise

    Many thanks

    i have added this to my "to do " sheet and will check when working on my new mods


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